Sunday, June 14, 2015

Home Study and other Happenings

Photo by Art of Her

Home Study & Adoption updates:

  • Just completed our Home Study interviews - 3 interviews over the span of 3 weeks, each about 1-1.5 hours long.  Definitely not as daunting as we were expecting!  If you're in the process - take a breath, it's not as scary as some say. :)
  • Had our Dr.'s visits and blood work done and paperwork notarized - it's totally normal to bring a notary to the Dr.'s office, right?? ;)
  • Working on finding a psychiatrist that doesn't cost +$500 to complete our psych eval - yikes!
  • Once the psych eval is complete and we have all of the other documents notarized we will be able to send everything to the US government for approval - so excited!!

The last couple of months brought the most difficult challenge Joseph and I and our extended family has ever experienced. Something that rocks you to your core and leaves you breathless - unsure of what to do next and unsure of how you will change as a result, knowing full-well you will never be the same.  Through it all, I have been humbled and beyond grateful for the community of people we have in our lives and for the ones we call family by blood and by choice.  Thank you and please know you are all loved...

Reflecting on all that has happened and having just celebrated our 6 year anniversary, I am truly awed by how blessed I am to have a partner in life who is willing to laugh and cry with me.  Someone I can trust and who knows the real me - the good and the bad.  Thank you, Husby, for choosing to "live in" with me day after day.  I am so excited for this next adventure in life with you.

Te quiero.

Next Up:
  • My Mom and sisters are coming to Denver at the end of the month - yay!! :) I cannot wait to spend quality time with them!! (pictures to come I'm sure)
  • Garage Sale fundraiser at the end of the month - fingers crossed it goes well!
  • Still fundraising here as well.
    • If anyone has any other fundraising ideas, we'd love to hear them!! 
  • If you have any questions about the adoption process in general feel free to leave a comment... Best of luck to anyone else out there going through the process - you're not alone! 

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