Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 61 (ish) - Pictures!!

Hello! So here are a few photos that we were thankfully able to upload!!

So above is me with our host mom and dad in Hamdallaye, traditional tea-making stuff in the foreground :)
And Ash with them... :)
A horribly blurred picture of our host family's donkeys (jaki in Hausa)
Sorry for the blurriness, we haven't used our nice camera at all yet... this is where we slept for all of PST... under the stars :)
Easily the biggest tree we've seen in Niger so far and its in our host family's gida (Hausa for household)!!
We had class (not together) in our host family's gida with one or two other trainees and a language teacher. From left to right: Chelsea, Michael, and Aschaitou
Us !!

Our host dad, Isoufou, took us out to his field on the donkey cart!!
This is when we were on demyst... walking for an hour and a half to get to the market town almost right on the border with Nigeria.
Thank goodness for ox carts!!!
The entire village of Hamdallaye gathered for prayer on the first morning of Tabaski, a major Muslim celebration.
Our entire host family, including extended relatives on our dad's side.
It is tradition to slaughter sheep after morning prayer on Tabaski, then they skin, and gut them, then cook them like this, slowly and all day close to a very hot fire.
 Our host family had a pregnant cat who gave birth about 6 weeks ago, and this is the one we're taking with us to our post!! Sunanshi Charlie (his name is Charlie!!)
Ash and I at the hostel in the city of Maradi...
We had a cultural fashion show in which Ash and I dressed up in traditional Tuareg outfits...

Me posing for the camera in my tailor-made traditional outfit called a Jabba... so comfy!!

Blake and Elisa, thank you SO MUCH for the French press... we have gone through about a pound of coffee during PST...

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