Saturday, December 11, 2010


It just occurred to me that this is the first year for as long as I
can remember I wasn't able to call my Nana on Dec 2nd for her
birthday. I also won't be able to call my soul sister, Jen, for her
big day on Dec 16th. Danielle of MAS (you know who you are and all
that MAS entails) will be celebrating a birthday on the 20th of Dec as
well, which if I remember correctly is the same day she arrives back
in CO for the holidays with the rest of MAS. (safe travels!)
So, due to not being able to wish each of these incredible women a
'Happy Birthday' in the way they deserve I am going to write something
here for the world to see...

I have always told anyone who would listen that i got my adventurous
spirit from you- mostly because it's true but also because I then have
every excuse to brag about you. I love you Nana and I miss you dearly.
 You (and Grandy) have brought more joy to my life than I believe you
will ever understand. Please know that I am who I am today because of
your constant love and support. I hope you had an incredible birthday
and that Grandy spoiled you as you deserve! :)
   - Ashley

Oh my beautiful soul sister! Where would I be without you? Thank you
for your amazing friendship. A friendship that comes without
expectations. A friendship that has lasted the years and distance
without issue and that I know I can count on regardless of what life
brings. I love you and hope you have (had) an amazing birthday!
 - Ashley

MAS - what more can I say? What's great is that I know if that's all I
wrote here you would completely understand, that's kind of how we've
worked from day one though isn't it? Please know that I'm (we're
thinking of you and sending you love on your birthday - definitely a
day to celebrate!! Thank you for the joy and light you bring to the
world and to those so incredibly blessed to know you.

Hmmm... It seems I'm not done there. After wishing 3 brilliant women a
happy birthday it only seems fitting to follow up with birthday wishes
for 3 brilliant men.

Happy Birthday on the 20th!!! :)
There are no words for the friendship you have created with and given
to jos and for that I am more grateful than you could ever know. Thank
you for sharing your vision with us and your passion for the world
with everyone you cross paths with. The world is a better place
because of you, please see and know the truth in those words...
 Love from Niger,

Shamari!! Happy Day of Birth on Dec 28th!!
:D I've been showing people wedding pictures, which of course means I
get to tell them about my best guy friend from London who actually
stood on my side for the wedding. :) we have some great memories in
some great cities and I hope we are able to continue that trend in the
future. I hope you have an amazing birthday and spoil yourself in good
fashion (literally). Haha :)
Smiles and Love,

mr Mark,
(you know who you are) :D
I don't know where to start... Thank you for your quick whit that
keeps the MAS laughing and forever wondering what you will come up
with next. Thank you for the quiet and steady strength you bring to
those around you. Thank you for being who you are and sharing your
love with those of us who are blessed to be in your life.
Love and light from Africa,

So that's that! Happy Birthday!!!
I hope this finds you all happy, healthy, and living life to the
fullest wherever that may be... Please know you are loved :D

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